Abuja, NIGERIA | Kinshasa, DRC

Zumba, Mimosa, Pizza & Exhibition

Come ease off the stress with sport, dance, art and fashion. LADIES ONLY


Girls Empowerment: Graduation Showcase

Following the first Women’s Empowerment Gathering, LDF managed to finance the “Girls Empowerment Project” which leads to a Graduation ceremony...


Trashion À La Mode 2017

Stop Don’t Drop and Chanja Datti in collaboration with Latilyian Projects, Latiwa Development Foundation and Latiwa Art and Fashion and...


Women’s Empowerment Gathering

Latiwa Development Foundation ,Latiliyan project Limited , Kokab’s house of Art support by the Embassy od Germany presents Women’s Empowerment...


Fashion Training Workshop

The fashion training took place at the Skills Acquisition Centre of the Kochingoro IDP Camp. It was organized by the...


Black & White Mask Party

Another event put together by Latiwa Art Fashion to raise funds for supporting charity projects (Vine Heritage Home and People...


Charity Ladies Football Tournament

In partnership with Livebridge foundation under the patronage of the Italian Embassy, in recognition of International Charity Day (5th September...


Trashion À La Mode 2016

In recognition of the World Environmental Day, a day set aside by the United Nations to draw attention to environmental...