International Youth Day 2020

The aim of #IYD is to shed light on the need to enable the Engagement of youth by making local, national and global institutions more inclusive for the purpose of strengthening their capacity (and relevance) to achieve global action. . At LDF (@latiwa_development_foundation, @ldf.drc ) we understand the importance and value of young people’s contribution […]

Journee de l’Hygiene Menstruelle

Menstrual hygiene is integral to women’s health and has a lasting impact on women’s education, livelihoods and security: keystones to their empowerment. .It is clear, however, that little or no account is taken of the issue of menstrual hygiene in our societies..Join @latiwa_development_foundation and WeKare on the 6th of June for a #MenstrualHygieneDay exercise.

Initiative feminine à la riposte contre le COVID19 au Cameroun

In the spirit of solidarity and sensitization against the spread of COVID19, in Yaoundé in Cameroon, we have organized with Dr. Nancy; the production of more than 6000 masks. Note that this action called: “Initiative feminine à la riposte contre le COVID19 au Cameroun ” has helped for 1. 10 Single young mothers and 2 […]

Tailoring Shop official Opening: Road to Love and Hope 3

On 8rd June 2019, The Latiwa Development Foundation (LDF) Road to Love and hope 3: In partnership with Embassy of Belgium, Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Kouture Clan(Fashion designer, volunteer Trainer ), and Muchonaza (Engineer(volunteer ) who help construct with minimal cost), officially opened tailoring shops for orphans at the Vine Home Heritage, Kuje. […]

Spreading Luv at Christmas

As Christmas season is drawing closer, expectations in the hearts of the Internally displaced persons are rising. Ray Of Hope Empowerment Foundation and Latiwa Development Foundation need your help to SPREAD LUV AT CHRISTMAS and make the world a better place for these people by asking you to kindly donate: bag of rice meat spices […]