Abuja, NIGERIA | Kinshasa, DRC

Construction of a Maternity Ward at Kabusa Village IDP Camp

At Kabusa IDP Camp, nurse Dada helped the women of the community give birth for about 10 years. She did, and still does a wonderful job but the place was in really bad condition.

Kokab House of Art, in collaboration with Latiwa Development Foundation, organised an event called “From the Children, To the Children” to raise funds for the construction of a much needed maternity ward. These new facilities will help the women of Kabusa give birth in the best conditions of hygiene and safety.

Up to now, phase 1 and 2 of the project have been completed:
1. Construction of sanitary facilities
2. Renovation of the maternity ward and donation of medecines


Phase 3 will consist on the training of 50 women in farming and skills, in conformity with LDF’s main goal of empowering women so they can become independent and support themselves and their families.