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Latiwa Development Foundation (LDF) is fully committed to carry out all the charity projects.

Together with Latiwa Art Fashion (LAF), they work for the development of our comminuties by supporting orphanages, homes and charity organisations, including:

Our story

About Us

Latiwa Art Fashion is made up of a group of LDF volunteer women from different countries, who passionately believe that fashion and art are means of expression for building awareness and bringing communities together to help the less fortunate to have a chance in our challenging world.

Latiwa Art Fashion mainly focuses on bringing together different cultures, backgrounds and ethnic values through art and fashion, in order to boost continuous innovation and talent recognition in Nigeria, the african capital renown for its diversity and creativity.

Latiwa Art Fashion wants to cultivate, promote and maintain a culture of charitable services and mutual aid to our communities by providing a platform for individuals to develop and have the opportunity to showcase their talent, creativity and artistry.


Latiwa Amato Allara

President / Founder

A wife and a mother with Congolese and Indian Arab blood. She has educational background in International law and project management. With a mixed heritage and Belgian upbringing, she sees herself as a global citizen who believes that you can shine and bring hope to people in need from anywhere you are. Her love for Fashion and Art remains the drive towards creating the LAF platform.

Djane Almeida

Management & Operations

Living in Nigeria for the past 13 years has been the best decision of my life. I have met remarkable people and lived through amazing experiences. Latiwa, Art and fashion, LAF projects provided the platform for me to do what i love the most- help those in need.

Susie Iliyan

Presenter / Anchor Gotel Africa Limited

An International television personality. She has lived and worked in Media and Education in the Middle East, Canada, the United States and now Nigeria. Trilingual and exotic, She possesses a social sophistication that bridges all cultures and demographics. She has a passion for international culture and women’s issues. She also possesses a passion people and community outreach.

Anna Santonoka

Project Management

A leading lady of polish origin. Managing and supporting challenging Projects (national and international) involving both public and private sector Stakeholders from a conceptual stage to a realistic plan through to Implementation and delivering significant commercial benefits.

Peace Ekhibirobo

Content Development / Administrative

A purpose driven lady from the southern part of Nigeria. With educational background in Health Education. She has worked as corporate and customer relations officer in the real estate industry as well as the Tourism and hospitality industry. She spends her free time writing, volunteering and socializing. She is passionate about helping others and bringing about positive change.

Baby Arrion

Designer / Model casting management / Decoration

A wife and a mother, of Belgian and Congolese origin. She is an Osteopath by profession and based in Abuja. She has immense passion for fashion and art, also trained in various arts skills like mosaic, ceramics, beadings, painting and drawing as well as various decorative handcrafts. She loves creativity and the different challenges these bring into her lif

Erico Waga

Photographer / Media Consultant

Erico joined the European press photo Agency(EPA) in 2014 and her work has appeared in many international publications including the Washington post, Financial times, The Guardian and Le Monde. She was awarded by UN Women(2013) and John Hopkins Centre/Photo share (2016).