LDF Africa

About us

Latiwa Development Foundation (LDF) is fully committed to carry out all the charity projects.

Together with Latiwa Art Fashion (LAF), they work for the development of our comminuties by supporting orphanages, homes and charity organisations, including:

LDF Africa

Latiwa Development Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in Nigeria.


  1. Improve the lives of orphans, the disabled and the less fortunate in society
  2. Provide access to education, healthcare, food supplies, rehabilitation
  3. Empower communities by capacity building.

LDF also instructs individuals and communities on the importance of living in a healthy environment and the importance of education. The resources provided to these groups are acquired through donations, sponsorships and fundraising organised by Latiwa Art Fashion.

Board Members

Cathy Latiwa


Djane Almeida

Management & Operations

Susie Iliyan


Peace Ekhibirobo

Content Development/ Administrative

Chritina Kuyeba

IT Support

Coca Cola