Tailoring Shop official Opening: Road to Love and Hope 3

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On 8rd June 2019, The Latiwa Development Foundation (LDF) Road to Love and hope 3:
In partnership with Embassy of Belgium, Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Kouture Clan(Fashion designer, volunteer Trainer ), and Muchonaza (Engineer(volunteer ) who help construct with minimal cost), officially opened tailoring shops for orphans at the Vine Home Heritage, Kuje.
The ‘Girls Empowerment’ program is a fashion-training program providing 15 girls and 3 boys between the ages of 16-18 with the knowledge and skill set to learn to sew and design clothes for a period of three months. The program’s aim is to enable and empower women to be industrious and independent members of their community.
Sewing machines and related equipment were provided to all students during the training and to keep for their future business. A shop was finally open to allow them to manage their own small business with the tailoring shop.
Empowering girls through education, training and small businesses.