LDF DRC organizes 2 training days (22 & 24 May 2018) for the supervisors of Mama Koko orphanage in Kimbondo on the theme “Psychology of development of the child from 0 to 12 years old”.

21 educators followed a training module in Child Psychology. “Psychology of the child aged 0 to 12, Psychology of the teenager, Psychology of the child carrying handicap, child sorcerer phenomenon” … are the points which constituted this training module.

This training session, given by Mrs. Carine Kanku Nkenga, a specialist in developmental psychology, had the following objectives:

  • To give educators the knowledge of the psychic development of the child and adolescent who are beings in the making undergoing profound changes.
  • Bring educators to understand the behavior of the child and adolescent to be able to explain it.
  • Develop in educators the skills to observe, reflect, question, and collect the appropriate information about the children and adolescents they are responsible for educating.
  • To bring educators to adapt an attitude of understanding towards the child, to seek to help him not only on how to behave at the different stages of his development, but also to adapt adequately to the requirements of the environment or society.